This is a stop motion video that I made. It probably has over 1000 pictures...! I entered it in reflections and I have made it onto state so far, so hopefully I do well. I find out the results in April some time to see if I can move onto Nationals.
This is an old missile storage box that I restored. I found it in a junkyard, and I thought it had some potential. Before, it had paint all over it, so I sanded it off. There was a possibility that their was lead in the paint, so I wore a mask. When I sanded the paint off, there were new things that I found, like all the words in the picture above! After I completed sanding, I covered the whole thing in polyurethane. You can tell the real difference between the before and after when you actually feel the difference. I sanded it a ton, so now it is really smooth.
This is a before picture
This is a replica that I made of a painting by Remedios Varo, called Find. The original is the one on the right. It is sometimes better if you don't see the original next to mine because it makes it look so much worse. The colors on mine are a bit off, and it is less detailed...
Sometimes a haiku

Does not give sufficient room

To express all your

This is a picture that I made, and it is entirely made up of tiny dots. It is a picture of gears in some sort of machine. This took me forever! I probably spent 15 hours on it.
This is the second part to my house that I made up. If you want to see what it looks like on the outside see house part 1. The upstairs has the master bedroom and the downstairs has the rest of the bedrooms. 
This is a game I call Scrabbled Eggs! My sister and her roommates play it at college and I thought it was really cool. It is kind of like scrabble I guess. Anyways, when you first get your eggs, you write some sort of sentence on it. Each time you use an egg, you have to rearrange the eggs to make a new word or words. 
This is a Harry Potter book with a hidden compartment holding a wand. I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan, and when I saw this book at the thrift store, I wanted to do something amazing with it. Cutting the hole in this was actually pretty easy. I just used a razor blade and cut the shape I wanted to. The wand is just a stick I found in my yard then I cut off the bark.