Here is I picture that I drew. If you can't tell what is going on, there are a bunch of raindrops being held by ropes, and the scissors cut one of them. If you think this has some deeper meaning to it, your wrong. I just kind of drew it randomly.
This is a quote book that I made. I had green paper and I drew the design, then I covered some hard cardboard with it. I also drew the inside design and scanned it and copied it. I used the coptic stitch just like my ideas book. I also used the same letters in the title as my other book.
This is a picture that I drew of cats playing Go Fish. This is just a sketch that I made, and I hope to make an oil painting of it on a canvas in the future. On the right is the original painting of dogs playing poker. 
There once was a man with a fedora

With a wife whose name was flora

He was really rad

And started a fad

And everyone said “I adore ya!”

This picture is of everything you can imagine! Name something, and it is probably in this picture. I made this picture during my boring classes at school, and I would ask my friends to name an object. Towards the end of this picture, it was hard to think of anything that I didn't already have.