First thing today, we went to an orphanage. We went to a special needs orphanage. Families that have kids with special needs can't take care of them because they have lots of work to do, so they send them to this orphanage. Every few months, the children go back home for a little bit and visit their families. We happened to go to the orphanage during this time, so their were only about 3 kids there. I brought my accordion and played music, and we sang some songs. We definitely want to go back there when there are more people.

I didn't take any photographs at the orphanage, so here is a totally unrelated picture:

At around 1:00 we went to the bus stop, and waited for our bus, the Shabiby Line.
We saw many interesting things there:
-A lady holding a plastic bag with a chicken inside

       You can't really tell in the picture...
-A man wearing 30 hats on his head
       We actually spoke to him for awhile, and he taught us how to say hat man in
       Swahili. (Keofia Wanaume)
-Green oranges
       How can you can something orange that is green??
Yeah, if I would give this day a name, it would be called "pretty alright"
Today, we woke up at 6:30 and left to go on a hike in the mountains in Morogoro.
We started out and walked along the road. There were a lot of village people walking down the mountain to bring bananas and other things into town. The women would balance a huge basket of bananas on their head. They let us lift one of them to feel how heavy they were, and they must have been at least 30 pounds... here are a few pictures. It was difficult to get any good ones because they didn't like pictures, so we had to be secret about it.
We hired a man from one of the villages to be our guide on the hike. His name was Clinton. We paid him 20,000 shillings, which is about 12 dollars. Most of them make around 5 dollars a day, so that was pretty good money for him. 
We walked through many villages during the hike. The higher we got, the poorer the people got. (it's opposite in the united states)
I am finally safe in Tanzania! I was on the plane for 21 hours. It was very boring and I couldn't sleep. I accomplished at least something during the flight though... I finally watched Indiana Jones for the first time in my life!

We arrived here at 3:30 in the morning

Here are the fun things that I have done during my first day in Tanzania:

-I slept a lot (jet lag)
-I went on a walk around Dar es Salaam
We got lost on our walk. We didn't have a map, or any money, so we had to ask around if anybody knew where our hotel was, but nobody understood us. Finally, we met a nice man named Alex, and he helped us get back.
-We went to a museum
It showed the houses and tools that different tribes used. 
There was also a band there with dancers

There was a bunch of children on a field trip at the museum
They loved it when we took pictures and showed it to them, and they all wanted to shake our hands
-We rode a bajagi home, which are three wheeled cars. 
They are crazy drivers! They just weave in and out of traffic, and they drive along the side of the rode to maneuver around the slow cars. I wish I had a picture!

Anyways, it has been a fun day!
This is a guest book that I made for one of my friends who is getting married. This is a pretty large book, it is about 9x12 I think, it is a little larger than printer paper. I made the book cover with fabric and lace. 
These are some corner pieces that I bought, and I am excited to use them on my future books.

This is an old earring that I painted with mint green finger nail polish

I embroidered this...

And I also designed all of the pages on the computer.
I have made some changes to my blog that I hope you like.  I combined the three separate pages that I had into one.  

Countdown until Tanzania trip: 5 days
Also, an interesting tidbit... President Obama will be visiting Tanzania while I am there! I will be in the same country as President Obama!
I felt like this picture suited the situation...
This is a colored pencil drawing of weird creatures coming out of a retro telephone. I kind of messed up on the phone, so hopefully you can tell what it is. My favorite dude is the red one because of the cool teeth.
Today I aged paper that I will be using for a book I am working on. I pored coffee over the paper and cooked it in the oven for a few minutes, and this is how it turned out! It was really easy, and I will definitely use this technique for many more projects in the future.
This is a before after picture. The one on the right is before...