These are some wooden letters that I repainted. I painted these a while ago, but I was young, and it didn't look that great. The theme of these letters is birds, which fits nicely with my room.
These are crayons that I melted with a hairdryer. I just got some old Crayola crayons and super glued them to a a lovely homemade canvas (cardboard covered with printer paper.) A different way to do this is to put it in an oven, slightly tilted, and watch it melt. I haven't actually done this, so it could possibly turn disastrous, or it might be really cool.

This is an old chest that I reupholstered and painted. It used to have puke colored fabric and a bad paint job, so I decided to change it. I first sanded it down and painted it. I only needed about a quart of paint. I got the fabric at Ikea, and it was the perfect material for this. I just used a heavy-duty stapler and I stapled it to the inside.