This is a shadow box with bird stuff in it. It has a birdhouse, which is made from on old book cover that I cut up a glued into the shape of a birdhouse. The nest is made of hemp that I cut into small pieces then glued onto a cap of a gatorade bottle. The gatorade cap was just to keep the shape of the nest. I got the branches from a tree in my backyard, and the bird and the leaves are made from scrap fabric.
This is a drawing that I made. It is kind of like those drawings where you make the squiggly line and draw different designs in each shape, except I didn't have any boundaries. (if you are confused by what I am talking about, look at the lovely demonstration below) I would just stop drawing a certain design when I got sick of it.
This is a mask I made for my ceramics class. This was my first time I had ever tried to make a face with clay. I really like how the hair turned out, and I also like the little details all over the face. I just don't like the lips. I looked up tutorials, and youtube videos, but I just couldn't seem to get the lips right! It's probably everybody's biggest challenge when sculpting a face.