This is a stop motion PSA that I made for my language arts class. 
This is a lamp that has a terrarium inside of it! I got the lamp base and the shade at Ikea. The lamp base is glued shut when you get it, however, I discovered that by heating the the top with a hairdryer, it will come off. I got my plants at Cactus and Tropicals, which has a wide variety of small plants for terrariums, but at a low price. To get the plants in the small opening, you need to use two sticks and use them like salad tongs, or in my case, you can use giant tweezers. I never thought the giant tweezers would come in handy when my grandma gave them to me, but I ended up using them for this project. 
This is a book where I can keep all of my ideas. I used to always have a really cool thought, but I didn't have somewhere to write it down, so I would forget it. I used the coptic stitch for the binding, and I cut up an old three-ring binder for the cover, and I put some nice paper over it. 
This is a denim quilt that I made with old jeans and scrap fabric. The squares with animal pictures might be familiar to those who have seen my storage chest. I used the extra fabric from that project to make this blanket.