This is a city that I made from various items, then I painted them. The cars are just toy cars, the people are pieces from a board game, and the building is something I found at the thrift store. I did make a few things including the flying machine, the street lamp, the diner area (above), and a few small details that I added to things like the police car and the money bags in the truck. If you don't understand what is going on in this scene, there is a truck that robbed a bank and the police are chasing it. 
Here are some snow sculptures that I made...
Now that is one fine bowl of cherries!
Oh, typewriter

How sleek and shiny are your keys

My love for you would not be slighter

And you don't force upon me electricity

With each letter that is pressed

You reply with a clack

And the ring of a bell at the end of each line

Oh, how I love your Courier typeface

Which is bold and black

Your published works are beautiful and fine

These are some earrings that I made from old buttons. My grandma has three giant buckets of buttons at her house. My sister and I looked through them and found some cool ones to make earrings out of. I took the back off these buttons by using wire cutters, then I sanded down the little stub that was left. I got some earring posts and super glued them to the buttons. The earring backs can be found at nearly any craft store.