These are some mittens that Ally, my sister, made for Aleena, my sister-in-law. Ally knit these mittens and she lined the inside with green fabric. This was her very first thing made that wasn't a simple square.
There is one more homemade gift, but it will not be ready, because unfortunately, it was massacred the night before christmas...
This is a wooden chair that my dad made for me. It is very comfortable and I am excited for it to replace my cheap chair in my bedroom. The only thing that needs to be done is the staining. 
This is a game my brother made for my mom called Kaboom. He actually made up the whole concept of the game. It's kind of funny how 3 of us made games for each other...
My mom made this game for Lizzie. It is mancala, where you try to collect the most stones on your side. Although my mom didn't make the board, she collected and polished all of the rocks. Each rock has memories from when we were younger and found these. 
This is a gift my sister, Lizzie, made for my brother, Zach. It is a game called Quoridor where each person has a pawn and they are trying to move to the other side of the board, and you can use the fences to block the other person. All of this is completely homemade, and the pawns are hand carved.
This is a hat stand I made for my sister for Christmas. It is wire shaped like a tree. It is about 4 feet tall. This actually took me a very long time because I had to strip all of the wire since the pre-stripped cost so much. I have a copper pipe in the center of the tree to support it because if I didn't, it would fall over. 

The After Christmas Special!

My family has a tradition every year to make homemade gifts for each other. We got assignments months before Christmas and we have been working on them since. I thought all of the gifts this year were really cool, so I am going to post each of them every day this week.
These are some pictures of a house I made on Google Sketchup. I made a floor plan on paper, (which I will post when it is done) then I made it 3D on this cool program!
The big glass box on the right is actually a greenhouse that connects directly to the kitchen. 


This is a before after of an accordion case that I restored. It is also kind of a before after for a new camera that I got. My pictures will be much better now. There are a lot of things that I changed. I rubbed the leather with shoe polish, cleaned the metal parts with tarnish remover, and I refurbished the inside with some new fabric.