Every year my family goes to my grandmas around christmas and we make gingerbread houses. Usually we go in with good intentions of a beautiful house but towards the end we give up on making it look nice. So while my sister was putting a rocket ship and American flag on her roof, I was actually trying hard to make a decent gingerbread house. And when I was finished I realized that hers was way better than mine.

My house:

Ally's house:

Here are some goggles that I made to protect your eyes while playing quidditch, fighting Voldemort, and cutting onions. And all the materials were basically free!
Here's where I got everything:
-The leather on the front came from a baseball. (I found no use for it since I never play baseball)
-I used some gatorade lids for the eyepieces
-And black rubber around the eyepiece is from a bicycle inner tube
-The white leather was a scrap that I found in the bottom of my fabric drawer. 

-And I found most of the other things in a junk yard
Voldemort will no longer defeat us with a sharp stick in the eye!!
Today I gave sand painting a try. It was actually really easy. All I needed was sand and food coloring. I took a little bit of sand from my zen garden table... 
At first I tried making a little contraption to pour the sand for me. I used an old sand timer from a game and sawed off the end. I figured it would work pretty well because it comes out evenly. 

It did not work at all.

I ended up just using my finger to push the sand around.
Question of the day: What the heck do you do with a finished sand painting?
These are some paper roses that I made while watching Harry Potter. Basically all that I did was cut out petals and tape them onto kabob sticks. I only made three because honestly, they weren't very exciting to make.
This was originally a normal windup clock, but I took it apart and only left the necessary parts needed for it to function. I love to watch the gears turn and the spring pulse. This is really cool, but it is super loud. It just ticks and ticks and ticks...
This is a hat stand I made for my sister for Christmas. It is wire shaped like a tree. It is about 4 feet tall. This actually took me a very long time because I had to strip all of the wire since the pre-stripped cost so much. I have a copper pipe in the center of the tree to support it because if I didn't, it would fall over. 

The After Christmas Special!

My family has a tradition every year to make homemade gifts for each other. We got assignments months before Christmas and we have been working on them since. I thought all of the gifts this year were really cool, so I am going to post each of them every day this week.
This is a city that I made from various items, then I painted them. The cars are just toy cars, the people are pieces from a board game, and the building is something I found at the thrift store. I did make a few things including the flying machine, the street lamp, the diner area (above), and a few small details that I added to things like the police car and the money bags in the truck. If you don't understand what is going on in this scene, there is a truck that robbed a bank and the police are chasing it. 
Here are some snow sculptures that I made...
Now that is one fine bowl of cherries!
This is a shadow box with bird stuff in it. It has a birdhouse, which is made from on old book cover that I cut up a glued into the shape of a birdhouse. The nest is made of hemp that I cut into small pieces then glued onto a cap of a gatorade bottle. The gatorade cap was just to keep the shape of the nest. I got the branches from a tree in my backyard, and the bird and the leaves are made from scrap fabric.
This is a mask I made for my ceramics class. This was my first time I had ever tried to make a face with clay. I really like how the hair turned out, and I also like the little details all over the face. I just don't like the lips. I looked up tutorials, and youtube videos, but I just couldn't seem to get the lips right! It's probably everybody's biggest challenge when sculpting a face.