Well, I made another book.
This is a scrapbook that I made for my Aunt Carol and Uncle Boyd because they were so awesome to take us to Africa!
This is a guest book that I made for one of my friends who is getting married. This is a pretty large book, it is about 9x12 I think, it is a little larger than printer paper. I made the book cover with fabric and lace. 
These are some corner pieces that I bought, and I am excited to use them on my future books.

This is an old earring that I painted with mint green finger nail polish

I embroidered this...

And I also designed all of the pages on the computer.
This is a replica of the adventure book in the movie "Up". I was commissioned to make it (anyone is welcome to pay me to make them a book). I used the Japanese stitch for this book, which is different from what I use for my other ones. 
This is the original....
This is a quote book that I made. I had green paper and I drew the design, then I covered some hard cardboard with it. I also drew the inside design and scanned it and copied it. I used the coptic stitch just like my ideas book. I also used the same letters in the title as my other book.
This is a Harry Potter book with a hidden compartment holding a wand. I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan, and when I saw this book at the thrift store, I wanted to do something amazing with it. Cutting the hole in this was actually pretty easy. I just used a razor blade and cut the shape I wanted to. The wand is just a stick I found in my yard then I cut off the bark. 
This is a book where I can keep all of my ideas. I used to always have a really cool thought, but I didn't have somewhere to write it down, so I would forget it. I used the coptic stitch for the binding, and I cut up an old three-ring binder for the cover, and I put some nice paper over it.