Sorry that it has been awhile since I last posted... I had the flu for two weeks, and I didn't feel like making anything. 

This is a zen garden table. This used to be a pink night stand, but I painted it, and I put wood around the edge to hold the sand in. It has glass that you can put over it so you can put stuff on the table, or you can take the glass off and play with the zen garden. I made the cute little rake too! 
This is a wooden chair that my dad made for me. It is very comfortable and I am excited for it to replace my cheap chair in my bedroom. The only thing that needs to be done is the staining. 
This is a hat stand I made for my sister for Christmas. It is wire shaped like a tree. It is about 4 feet tall. This actually took me a very long time because I had to strip all of the wire since the pre-stripped cost so much. I have a copper pipe in the center of the tree to support it because if I didn't, it would fall over. 

The After Christmas Special!

My family has a tradition every year to make homemade gifts for each other. We got assignments months before Christmas and we have been working on them since. I thought all of the gifts this year were really cool, so I am going to post each of them every day this week.
This is a lamp that has a terrarium inside of it! I got the lamp base and the shade at Ikea. The lamp base is glued shut when you get it, however, I discovered that by heating the the top with a hairdryer, it will come off. I got my plants at Cactus and Tropicals, which has a wide variety of small plants for terrariums, but at a low price. To get the plants in the small opening, you need to use two sticks and use them like salad tongs, or in my case, you can use giant tweezers. I never thought the giant tweezers would come in handy when my grandma gave them to me, but I ended up using them for this project. 
This is an old chest that I reupholstered and painted. It used to have puke colored fabric and a bad paint job, so I decided to change it. I first sanded it down and painted it. I only needed about a quart of paint. I got the fabric at Ikea, and it was the perfect material for this. I just used a heavy-duty stapler and I stapled it to the inside.