This gift was made by my mom, and it is a replica of a game that was uncovered by archeologists in mesopotamia. It is about 3,000 years old. She used a wood burner and she inlayed stones for the design on each square. 

Here is what the real version looks like:
This is made completely of stone. So cool!!!!! 
Here is a crazy detailed maze that took me hours to make. I was going to make the whole thing teeny tiny like how it is at the beginning, but I didn't have enough patience. And it is possible! So whoever wants to spend their whole day trying to figure this out, good luck... I will give you the original if you can do it. 

Man, even I forgot how to solve it!
This is a game I call Scrabbled Eggs! My sister and her roommates play it at college and I thought it was really cool. It is kind of like scrabble I guess. Anyways, when you first get your eggs, you write some sort of sentence on it. Each time you use an egg, you have to rearrange the eggs to make a new word or words. 
This is a game my brother made for my mom called Kaboom. He actually made up the whole concept of the game. It's kind of funny how 3 of us made games for each other...
My mom made this game for Lizzie. It is mancala, where you try to collect the most stones on your side. Although my mom didn't make the board, she collected and polished all of the rocks. Each rock has memories from when we were younger and found these. 
This is a gift my sister, Lizzie, made for my brother, Zach. It is a game called Quoridor where each person has a pawn and they are trying to move to the other side of the board, and you can use the fences to block the other person. All of this is completely homemade, and the pawns are hand carved.