This is a guest book that I made for one of my friends who is getting married. This is a pretty large book, it is about 9x12 I think, it is a little larger than printer paper. I made the book cover with fabric and lace. 
These are some corner pieces that I bought, and I am excited to use them on my future books.

This is an old earring that I painted with mint green finger nail polish

I embroidered this...

And I also designed all of the pages on the computer.
These are some mittens that Ally, my sister, made for Aleena, my sister-in-law. Ally knit these mittens and she lined the inside with green fabric. This was her very first thing made that wasn't a simple square.
There is one more homemade gift, but it will not be ready, because unfortunately, it was massacred the night before christmas...


This is a before after of an accordion case that I restored. It is also kind of a before after for a new camera that I got. My pictures will be much better now. There are a lot of things that I changed. I rubbed the leather with shoe polish, cleaned the metal parts with tarnish remover, and I refurbished the inside with some new fabric. 


This is a denim quilt that I made with old jeans and scrap fabric. The squares with animal pictures might be familiar to those who have seen my storage chest. I used the extra fabric from that project to make this blanket.