Here are some lovely leaf silhouettes. These are really easy to make, and I have a tutorial for those of you who are feeling festive...

1. Find some nice leaves laying around. Try to get a good variety with all shapes and sizes. Sticks and berries look cool too.

2. Flatten the leaves in a heavy book for a couple of hours. 

3. Cut some rectangles out of cardboard, wood, or thick paper. 

4. Paint each shape different colors. 

5. Place the leaves on the dried canvases and spray white spray paint over the leaves.
And that's all it takes to make a nifty wall decoration for the fall season! You could even get creative and outline a stapler, or a fork, or your favorite pencil!
Here is a crazy detailed maze that took me hours to make. I was going to make the whole thing teeny tiny like how it is at the beginning, but I didn't have enough patience. And it is possible! So whoever wants to spend their whole day trying to figure this out, good luck... I will give you the original if you can do it. 

Man, even I forgot how to solve it!
Here's a picture that I drew of an elephant with a saxophone trunk..
This is a colored pencil drawing of weird creatures coming out of a retro telephone. I kind of messed up on the phone, so hopefully you can tell what it is. My favorite dude is the red one because of the cool teeth.
Today I aged paper that I will be using for a book I am working on. I pored coffee over the paper and cooked it in the oven for a few minutes, and this is how it turned out! It was really easy, and I will definitely use this technique for many more projects in the future.
This is a before after picture. The one on the right is before...
Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad that the full one was the favorite. It was my favorite too. Here is a new and improved version... 
Here are two designs that I made on illustrator... Tell me which one you think will look better on a T-Shirt. Also tell me if you think I could make any improvements.