Today I went on a safari.

After being in Africa for 3 weeks, I have finally seen some animals! It was amazing. My favorite animals were the elephants...

They are just so giant!! I don't know how the heck they get around.

We saw a few giraffes. It was funny to watch them stretch for the trees.


Here are some zebras next to a baobao tree. There were a lot of zebras, so after the first few sightings, we didn't stop anymore.
We were lucky to see so many animals. And we even saw some lions, which is pretty rare. Especially up this close... they walked right in front of our truck!
I loved the safari! We were able to see a lot of animals up close. The only thing that I was disappointed in, was that I didn't see a lion kill. Yeah, but our guide said that he's only seen it a few times over the many years that he has worked. 

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