Today, I had the best experience ever

A professor that Carol knows did a research project on the Kigogo music, so he took us to experience it. The village people treated us like kings! They had a nice little shade area with chairs, and they played for quite awhile. After the performance, they made food for us. They took us inside a small hut, and we sat on the floor. A man came around with water and let us wash our hands. 
The girl to the left of Carol is Francesca. She is our italian friend that allowed us to visit the children's home this past week. She knows how to speak italian, english, swahili, and japanese! She is awesome!

I have videos, so I will post them as soon as I get home.

And hey! I have a new blog design! 

New look, same great taste!
7/6/2013 09:41:18 am

Wow that's Awesome!


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