First thing today, we went to an orphanage. We went to a special needs orphanage. Families that have kids with special needs can't take care of them because they have lots of work to do, so they send them to this orphanage. Every few months, the children go back home for a little bit and visit their families. We happened to go to the orphanage during this time, so their were only about 3 kids there. I brought my accordion and played music, and we sang some songs. We definitely want to go back there when there are more people.

I didn't take any photographs at the orphanage, so here is a totally unrelated picture:

At around 1:00 we went to the bus stop, and waited for our bus, the Shabiby Line.
We saw many interesting things there:
-A lady holding a plastic bag with a chicken inside

       You can't really tell in the picture...
-A man wearing 30 hats on his head
       We actually spoke to him for awhile, and he taught us how to say hat man in
       Swahili. (Keofia Wanaume)
-Green oranges
       How can you can something orange that is green??
Yeah, if I would give this day a name, it would be called "pretty alright"
6/18/2013 11:30:17 pm

I love the chill cat!

7/6/2013 09:50:20 am

DANG girl it look like you're having tons of adventures!:)


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