Nyumbani means house in Swahili, and that is what I drew today.
This is a mud hut. There are a lot of them in the poor villages, because they are cheap to build. They are made of sticks and mud. Sometimes they use leaves for the roof, and sometimes they use corrugated metal.

We went on a walk today to check out the construction site of a hotel being built.
This is where they were poring the cement. They were working on the foundation. The women get paid 4 dollars a day, and the men get paid 5 dollars a day.
Rather than using cement trucks, the women would take the cement in the buckets to the place where it needed to be pored. It was a very slow process.
I can't imagine how long this whole thing is going to take. They don't have any of the tools that we use on a construction site. They got rid of a pile of dirt with a shovel rather than a giant machine one. They transported things in buckets rather than using a truck.
But one day, it will be a hotel. That day will be far in the future...
Steven Carlos Fife
6/22/2013 10:22:11 am

Loved this caption!


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