Well, I made another book.
This is a scrapbook that I made for my Aunt Carol and Uncle Boyd because they were so awesome to take us to Africa!
Today I explored a junk yard. It was great fun

I am going to make something cool with all of this stuff. I don't know what it will be, but it will be cool.
Here is a crazy detailed maze that took me hours to make. I was going to make the whole thing teeny tiny like how it is at the beginning, but I didn't have enough patience. And it is possible! So whoever wants to spend their whole day trying to figure this out, good luck... I will give you the original if you can do it. 

Man, even I forgot how to solve it!
Here's a picture that I drew of an elephant with a saxophone trunk..
Here is a video that I have been working on for 1,000 hours...

Today I gave sand painting a try. It was actually really easy. All I needed was sand and food coloring. I took a little bit of sand from my zen garden table... 
At first I tried making a little contraption to pour the sand for me. I used an old sand timer from a game and sawed off the end. I figured it would work pretty well because it comes out evenly. 

It did not work at all.

I ended up just using my finger to push the sand around.
Question of the day: What the heck do you do with a finished sand painting?
This is a paper making machine! I've always wanted to make my own paper, but  the one's online were way too expensive... So I decided to make one!

All it consists of is 4 pieces of wood nailed together in a rectangle the size of printer paper, a plastic grate, and some mesh. 

It makes pretty good paper, but it is hard to write on it. 
Hello everybody. 

I'm leaving to go home monday morning at 2 am. 
I'm kind of actually excited. 
I hope you continue to follow my blog
And I hope that those of you who hate hearing about my Africa trip will start following me again.
And for those of you who had no idea I had a blog before Africa... I make stuff... and then post it...


I think I've said enough

Today I went on a cruise.
But actually not really. I rode on a boat to get to an island around Dar. We got on the beach and ate some food that we brought under a shade umbrella and on some chairs. Then, the guy in charge came up to us, and told us that we would have to rent the chairs we were sitting on. And the shade umbrella that we were sitting under. It was 3 dollars an hour for the umbrella, and 1 dollar an hour for the chairs.
We decided to go for some free shade under a tree instead. There were only about 15 other people the island, so I guess they were a little desperate for money...

We explored the more remote part of the island. We hiked around in the thick woods. It was amazing! There were huge rocks all over the trail. It almost looked like lava rock, but we observed it more closely, and figured out that it was coral! This whole island used to be a coral reef!
After walking across the length of the island, we took one of the pathways leading off the main trail. We discovered a hidden beach with broken up coral and shells all along the shore. I had never seen so many intact sea shells in my life! They still had hinges and you could open and close them. Not many people had been on that beach. It was kind of our own little discovery
I was happy for an adventurous day.

Today I went on another safari.

I saw colobus monkeys, blue monkeys baboons, flamingos, buffalo, and a waterfall.
We actually went on a walking hike with a guide and he had a gun just in case an animal attacked us. That was pretty fun. I like hiking. It's fun. 
Good times in Africa.