We went to the market first thing this morning. First we went to the grocery store and got sugar and bread and all the other basics. We are going to make cookies on Saturday, so we got ingredients for that. Then we went outside and bought some fruits from the vendors. There was a man who came up to us and tried to sell us some really cool artwork but by habit, I just tuned him out. Everywhere, everyone tries to sell you everything. Now that I think about it later, I wish I would have gotten something! Well, we bought some mangos and pinnapple, and this very large avocado... They are HUGE here!
We gave a soccer ball to the little boys and played with them for a little bit, but we came back when an older boy came along and was making us uncomfortable. We tried unlocking the gate, but it wouldn't open! It was going to be another 3 hours until Carol came home to let us in! One of the little next door neighbor boys got over the huge wall somehow and he let us in.

With three hours stuck at home, we found some interesting things to do...
I made some shaker eggs, which are plastic eggs with rice inside. We are going to use them for the choir
And I made a refreshing cup of lemonade with paper!
Our maid named Tina came over today. She washed the clothes and mopped the floor. It is interesting how she cleaned the floor.
I guess they don't use mops here.

She always worked bending down. My back would hurt so bad if I tried doing the same thing!

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