Today I was an architect.
And no, we did not match our shirts on purpose...

Today we did some work for the Nashera, which is the hotel that we are staying in. (Oh, and we came back to Morogoro.) They are going to build a locker room and a bar out by the swimming pool. They have built the walls so far, so we went out and measured them, and I drew scaled down picture of it.

We also did some measurements at the staff house so we can make a model for the new Nashera hotel that is being built in Dodoma. 

Another fun adventure: I went down one of the worst slides ever!
This was a wooden slide that could give you slivers when you slide down. It was also very very slow. It was so slow that I don't think this picture would count as an action shot.
7/3/2013 06:02:32 am

It's so fun to see you use all your gifts and talents. I like the slide. :)


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